Packing Tips

We will list of a some helpful tips on this page that should make your move go a little smoother.

1) Start packing your boxes early. Everyone has a tendacy to underestimate how much stuff they have.

2) Use lots of packing paper to wrap your smaller and breakable items. If you don’t know how to properly pack your items into boxes, there are lots of  great videos on youtube.

3) Label the contents of each box and where it belongs. It can take  anywhere from a few days to weeks to unpack your boxes some items will be needed more urgently then others.

4) Tape your boxes closed. Leaving the tops of boxes open can cause damage to your goods and open boxes take longer to move.

5) Pack heavier items belong in smaller boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes.

6) DO NOT PACK LIQUIDS. Especially in cardboard boxes as liquids can leak and stain/damage your furniture. If you have to move liquids pack them upright in plastic rubbermaid conatainers. Most movers will not transport liquids for long distance moves, for local moves liquids are permitted if packed properly.

7) TV’s/Pictures/Paintings should be bubblewrapped and packed in TV/Picture boxes.

If your need any other advice packing just give us a call or email. Additionally if you would prefer the movers to do the packing we offer packing services as well.


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