How to Choose a Reputable Mover

How to Choose a Reputable Mover

Moving can be a stressful experience and choosing the Wrong Moving Company can make it even more stressful. On this page we will list of a few helpful tips on how to choose a Reputable Mover.

1) Try and get as many quotes as possible. Ask each moving company  important questions about how they handle claims, how they will protect your furniture.

2) Visit their office/warehouse, see if they have their own fleet of trucks and proper equipment. Many people over the phone will claim to handle all aspects of your move but with no trucks, no equipment, no warehouse, how can they move your belongings? Is there a reason why they are not disclosing this information to you?

3) Choose a mover that has been in business for at least 10 years. Many governments actions and customer complaints can take years to become public knowledge.

4) Do not choose a mover based solely on price. Many movers that give low ball quotes often double, triple, etc, their original quote once they have your possessions.  Additionally Many cheap movers can cause substantial damage to your goods and home.

5) Log on to Facebook and ask your friends about what moving companies they had good experiences with and more importantly they will also let you know about ones to avoid.

6) Check out reviews and ratings on the Better Business Bureau, Canadian Association of Movers, HomeStars, Yelp!, and Google.

By using even a one of these steps on how to choose a Reputable Mover, you can greatly increase your odds of having a great moving experience. You would be surprised by how many people do not do any research on the movers they are considering using.


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